Mariah Turner is just nine years old and she’s already an entrepreneur. Her company is called M.A.R.C., and she sells lip and body care products – all home-made. She told Fox 4 News, “Me and my mother just looked up different ways to make natural lip balms. We looked up different ways, and we watched a few videos. Then we tried it.” 

The inspiration for the business was not born solely from a love for lip care. The young girl noticed her family struggling with her brother’s medical bills, and decided she wanted to help somehow. Turner’s brother, Manny, has autism. In an interview with Fox 4 News, her mother, Maude Turner, noted, “She wants to make an impact. She knows exactly what her parents feel. She feels the emotion.” 

Mariah Turner making lip balm.

Turner did not stop at just helping her little brother. From the $750 she has raised, most of the revenue has gone to autism charities, such as Autism Speaks and Ability KC

Turner is also raising awareness at her elementary school. This past school year, she started a program to teach her peers about autism. The young girl said, “It actually makes me feel really special because I feel that I have helped kids,” Turner said.

The motivation behind M.A.R.C., is truly heartwarming. Turner loves her brother, Manny, and wants to protect him from bullies. Her awareness program will be a great way to educate others about neurodiversity. About her brother, Turner noted to Fox 4 News, “I didn’t want him to feel that what he does isn’t enough for us. I just felt the need to protect him.”

In the future, Turner’s company, M.A.R.C., and school program will continue to raise funds and awareness for autism. The story is inspiring and sure to make the girl’s brother very proud.

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