A wave of fear and then relief washed over the family of a teenage boy with autism on Saturday. The family reported their son, Mel Harris as missing at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon in Yonkers. The family contacted the police who, along with their canine units searched around South County Trailway, the last place Harris was seen. A local news team at CBS New York urged everyone to be on the lookout for Harris who was said to be wearing a white t-shirt, gray shorts, blue glasses, and blue sandals.

CBS New York also reported that hours later, at 11:30 PM, Harris was found! The police believe that the 15 year old took a Metro-North Train into Harlem and then made his way to the Mean Fiddler Bar near Times Square. It was at this bar that a patron recognized Harris and alerted the police. Although Harris appeared to be in good health, he was then taken to Bellevue Hospital for a checkup to further ensure that he was not injured.

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