We all have had moments in our lives were we stop and thought about how much we wished we knew back then, what we know now. These lessons can sometimes be summarized in just a few sage words of advice. We reached out to the autism community through Instagram and Facebook and asked them “What was the best advice you received after your child was diagnosed with Autism” and had the opportunity to see what these words look like:

1. “You are their voice, their advocate, don’t be scared to go out to the world with them. Do things with them like nobody’s watching! just do it! nothing else matters!” – @elenalejandrah

2. “Give them room to learn. No matter how the process of learning may look, feel or sound. They can and will do everything everyone else does. In their own time.” – @Alexis_Regnier

3. “Start therapy and intervention services early and to never stop advocating for them so that they get what they need and not just what others want to give them.” – @Angela_Taylor

4. There are no such things as limitations, if you can’t go one way, you find another way, and everything happens in God’s time.”                            – @Kimberly_Jones-Carr

5. “Always remember , it’s not “Baby Steps” , it’s their steps that will get them to where they need to be in life.”- @Elizabeth_Perez-Zamora

6. Don’t “should” all over yourself. Start from now, not what you think you should’ve done before.” – @darlinglilduchess

7. Don’t treat them any different. Inclusion always!” – @m_suse13

8. “Don’t get hung up on a label.” – @Jennifer_Wilson

9. You CAN, they WILL” – @pyscho_mommi

10. “Breathe.” – @lukacs_my4

Every person you meet has a story to tell. Every story has a lesson. Every lesson has someone that can learn from it. We want to thank everyone that responded to our posts. Advice is best shared. And it is always a great reminder to see how our community is so full of people willing to help and support one another. The American Autism Association would like to remind anyone looking for help or further advice to contact us through our Help Hotline at 877-654-4483 or via email at [email protected]

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