On Sunday, June 23, Lavender Darcangelo surprised many with her amazing voice at the First Parish Church in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Rufus Gifford, US Ambassador to Denmark in Obama’s administration, was invited by Will Darcangelo, Darcangelo’s adopted father and a minister, to support the service that was honoring LGBT people. However, Gifford along with many others were shocked at the talent that Darcangelo displayed in her performance, singing “A Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

Twenty-four year old Darcangelo is an exceptionally talented woman who is blind and has autism. She was adopted as an adult by Wil and Jamie Darcangelo. Darcangelo’s father has been a vocal coach for his daughter and describes their family to Associated Press – “We’re all kind of misfits who needed each other.” After watching the video, it is evident that they are so much more than that. They are an extremely loving family with unique gifts to share with the world.

Gifford posted a video of her performance on Twitter and it went viral with almost twelve thousand retweets. In a separate tweet, he stated, “You don’t see or hear angels every day. And we all want to part of your world now, Lavender.” Darcangelo has received an outpouring of support and even some song requests! Also, many media outlets have reached out as well, such as Pix 11 News in New York and a casting director from America’s Got Talent.

Darcangelo’s father hopes that these positive reactions provide her with more career opportunities doing what she loves – singing. Darcangelo told BBC, “I want it to speak to people like me who have autism, are blind, or are marginalized or different.” To honor her dads and Pride month, her song has had a positive impact on all of those who have felt ostracized in any way.

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