Last year in New Hanover County, NC, A teenager with autism had his birthday wishes come true. Dante Brown’s mother, Linda Lee, wanted to make his birthday special and asked the administrator of the Facebook page Wilmington Pay It Forward if she could request birthday cards for her son.

From all over the United States, cards came pouring into the Browns’ home. Lee said, “When he would get them, he would drop them in his box and sing his song.”

The cards, as common as they are in the world, mean something more to Brown. Lee said. “A lot of kids that have birthdays, they know what to expect. They have people come over and have a big birthday party. With [Dante] a lot of times, it’s just family. To see the cards and the people sending cards, it lets me know there are a lot [of] people out there that care.”

She has said that it is very emotional and overwhelming to watch him open so many cards: “It means a lot to me because he definitely understands that the mail is coming in and it is for him, so [he feels], ‘Look, somebody thought enough of me to send me cards, so I’m special too.'”

His birthday is on August 1st and after the success of last year, Lee decided to again request birthday cards for her son. Surprising this mother-son duo, this year, he received about 500 cards, not just from the United States, but from all over the world.

Every time he gets mail, Brown sings, “We just got a letter. We just got a letter. We just got a letter. I know who it’s from!”

WWAY TV again covered this family’s story. In an interview, Lee said they never want to forget what each person has done for her son, “We’re going to put them all in a binder and we’re going to leave the names of those that sent the cards and we’re going to attach them to the back of the cards so that we will always remember where they came from.”

If that isn’t inspiring enough, Lee has also expressed her gratitude for everyone who has decided to offer love and support to Brown, “We appreciate it. Dante appreciates it. He’s excited and it means a lot that somebody really cares and I thank the Lord for that.”

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