Our Vision

Our vision is to offer support and guidance as we help families through their journey with autism. It is our hope that one day, no child or individual with autism will go unserved, that everyone has equal access to helpful interventions, and that individuals with autism have the ability to live their lives free of judgment or misunderstanding. By providing educational resources, free of cost athletic therapeutic programs, and acting as advocates in our local community – we hope to make this vision a reality.

Our Approach

The American Autism Association hosts a number of therapeutic athletic and recreational programs for individuals with autism, ranging from basketball to ballet. Our programs are tailored to provide unique learning approaches in combination with an affirming environment to encourage healthy lifestyles, foster independence, and promote personal empowerment. Each and every program aims to nurture positive development in social skills, motor coordination, communication, behavior, and most importantly – fun!

Our Impact

  • Developed and maintained 14 independent therapeutic recreational programs, provided for low income families completely free of cost.
  • Helped over 10,000 families through our Autism Help Hotline, providing them with resources and support.
  • Since our founding in 2010, we have successfully raised over $450,000 that helps us contribute to our programs and family assistance.
  • Distributed over 2,000 therapeutic toys and schools supplies to help alleviate the costs associated with back to school and the holidays for families affected by autism.
  • Researched and developed over 60 different parenting informational kits to provide easy-access educational resources for parents and guardians of children with autism. (Spanish translations coming soon!)