Eduard Rozenfeld and Larry Sharon founded the American Autism Association in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York.

During a family dinner one night, Rozenfeld noticed some presenting concerns in his cousin, who was only five at the time. He had development delays, and mostly kept to himself. He was also barely verbal. The young boys parents refused to get a diagnosis, and sheltered their child from the outside world due to a lack of understanding about developmental disabilities. After this dinner occurred, Rozenfeld knew there was something more to what his cousin was experiencing, and wanted to help him. With some convincing, Rozenfeld’s aunt and uncle took him to a therapist for further testing, who after confirmed that his cousin has autism.

For Rozenfeld, two things struck him as being odd in the autism community. The first was that there were not many services available. The second was that the expenses of the existing therapies were unbelievable, and that even a middle class family would have difficulties affording treatments. That’s when the idea for the American Autism Association began to grow.

The American Autism Association exists to help families affected by autism. Families without resources to provide for their children with essential therapeutic interventions. Families like Rozenfeld’s who had no understanding of autism until they were shown a way, and are now able to provide better care for their loved ones with autism.

Since 2010 the American Autism Association has been devoted to fulfilling the mission he envisioned, helping thousands of families each year through our Autism Help Hotline, therapeutic recreational programs, and parenting workshops. We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish for the autism community, and look forward to expanding this success in the years ahead.