Many people around the world are connected the autism community in one way or another. Whether you are a close relative of someone on the autism spectrum or a distant acquaintance, you play an important role in that individual’s life. We recently asked our Instagram and Facebook followers to share what their connection to autism is.

Here’s just a few of the many wonderful responses we received:

“My SONshine is 5 diagnosed at 18 months. Non-verbal till a year ago. Now he’s spelling, reading and overcoming every obstacle put in his path.” – diamondprincess3

“I’m blessed to have found my true passion. I’m a behavior therapist in Los Angeles 💙”- mounicaa77

“My 3 year old son is nonverbal severe asd. Everything changed after vaxx. I love this little guy more than I can put into words! He is my heart, my soul, my everything and teaches me and our family so much I never knew love like this existed until he joined our family!”- Crystal Pelchat

“My amazingly, beautiful and sweet 17 yo old son… nonverbal but is so happy and kind. My cup overflows with love for him 💙”- sunnyincali77

“My first grandchild, a boy. Although he doesn’t like it when I smother him with hugs and kisses, grama does it anyway and he just giggles! I love that kid” – Laurie Sanchez

“I am a teacher’s aide for autistic children in a public school. ❤”- meghanjackson1

“I’m a teacher and one of the classes I substitute in the most is an ASD class. Those students are amazing and make me so proud everyday. ”- Antoinette Perez

“My beautiful 6 year old daughter who is on the spectrum she is so wonderful and smart and loves everybody 💖💖💖”- MariaLu Ramirez

“I support the artistic development of adults with autism. We all create art together.”-healingartforcaregivers

“My lovable and amazing nephew. Just the sweetest and caring 5 year old I know. He really has showed me what love is 😍”-marianadelira77

“I am a music therapist that works with lots of clients on the spectrum 💜⭐”- axonmusictherapy

“I was diagnosed when I was 21. I’m still adjusting to the idea that my “quirks” were actually symptoms and that the path I thought I was meant to take in life may not be a possibility.” – mafelang

“Teacher 💙2 of my students graduated today from High School and I couldn’t be prouder!”- Ligia Carina Feo

“I work in the Special Education field. So I work with these amazing individuals on a daily basis.”- smk101177

“My SonShine Mason nonverbal 4yr old he is the best his smile is everything 💙”-Ausome_life13

“My 8yr old son is Autistic and he is a blessing in my life he is the only one who makes me laugh ❤”- allaziza

“I have Autistic identical Twin boys 💙💙”- femme_benieI

“I’m autistic. I was diagnosed when I was 16.”- ediesmusic

Thank you to our followers for sharing your stories of your connections to autism. Responses like these demonstrate the positive impact that individuals on the spectrum have on our everyday lives. Together we can unite to support not only those living with autism, but their friends and families who empower them everyday.

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