There are many ways to “hide” good food choices in foods to help a picky eater. It is necessary to ensure that your child is getting the right amount of nutrition from vegetables. Here are a few ways to sneak some veggies in your child’s foods.

1. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is very versatile when steamed, and also a very good choice to use instead of rice. It could be finely grated and added to scrambled eggs, tuna or even chicken salad.


2. Zucchini and Carrots

Zucchini and carrots could be grated finely and added to muffins and cakes for added fiber and crunch along with raisins and nuts.
Pumpkin puree as well as squash puree are great alternatives to mix in pancake or waffle mix, not only is it delicious, it also adds an orange tint to the batter which always makes children smile.


3. Beans

Beans are loaded with protein and fiber, so why not puree the and add them as a thickener to soup or stew. Another way to hide the beans is to puree them and add them to chocolate brownies or chocolate cake. Black beans work best for these options as well as adding to the dark color.


4. Avocado

Avocado is another good way to add nutrients to foods. Avocado puree can be added to chocolate pudding for a silky texture. It could also be used in a smoothie for a nutritious breakfast drink. Its packed with healthy fats, vitamin E and vitamin B6 which makes avocado a superfood whether it is mashed, liquefied or pureed.


So whenever your child doesn’t want to try a new food, just add some of these superfoods to your common recipes and you will open up a whole new world of food to your child and maintain a healthy diet!

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