Many individuals with autism become uncomfortable when life is less predictable. This is amplified for a child with autism who finds it difficult to deal with change and make sense of the world. Children with ASD may cling to a particular clothing article because not only is routine calming, but sensory issues cause kids to be very sensitive visually and colors have a large effect on them. In some instances, it is a combination of color and how the shirt feels. 

For Deborah Price’s friend’s daughter with autism, her favorite clothing article happened to be a rainbow heart, grey dress. Price sent out a Tweet  on July 6th asking people if they had the specific Next Official dress that was launched three years ago – at the time, she was unaware her quest would result in bringing thousands of strangers together.

“My friend @mousmakes has a daughter with autism who can only wear that dress. I asked people not to judge because in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter does it,” Deborah explained on Twitter

All thanks to the power of social media, strangers started replying with leads on locating the dress. One person found the dress on eBay, followed by a few others saying they owned the same exact dress – although they were not the correct size. Another person offered to re-create the dress herself! Even people who did not know where to find the dress shared their own stories of similar situations and provided their support. 

Soon enough the company who originally made the dress, Next Official, responded on Twitter saying, “Hey Deborah, we have dropped this item from our range but we’d still like to help get this item for your friend’s daughter. We can’t guarantee it but we will try our very best to contact the supplier and see if we can produce a few more batches of this dress.”

Price’s friend and mother of the girl in need of the dress, Kate Bell, took to Twitter to join in on the conversation and thanked the community for helping her daughter, Elise. 

Within the next day Price tweeted, “A girl called Mila found her age 12 dress which will be perfect” and explained that Mila asked her mom if she could send the dress to Bell for her daughter. 

With one tweet, thousands of kind Twitter users shared Bell’s story and countless offered a helping hand. All thanks to the act of kindness by strangers, a young girl was made very happy to continue to wear her favorite dress. This story goes to show the power social media has, and the kindness the world has to offer. 

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