The American Autism Association is excited to announce our newest partnership with Triple Bristle!

Triple Bristle toothbrushes makes daily oral care fun! The secret is in their patented 3-bristle brush head, which cleans all 3 surfaces of the teeth at the same time, which cuts down on brushing time – making it easier for those who find this process difficult.

Founder of Triple Bristle, Max Babiner, shares that,

“When we initially started selling the Triple Bristle brush we had no idea it would be so well received by the special needs community.  Then it hit us.  Triple Bristle may be the best toothbrush for this community of patients ever made.  Reading reviews and personal stories from caretakers and parents has enriched us with energy to make more products and play a positive role in people’s daily routine.”

The American Autism Association strives to partner with companies that help individuals in the autism community thrive. We hope that through this partnership, families in our community will learn of this new resource in an effort to promote healthy dental care for individuals with autism. Our community will receive an additional 30% off of the full price cost, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated in return to support our therapeutic recreational programs.

Learn more about Triple Bristle here!


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