Making the transition from the school year to the Summer time can be hard with children not knowing what to expect with a new schedule. There are ways that you can prepare for a summer that is fun and relaxing. Follow these tips to ensure a great summer!

  • Prepare by talking about it ahead of time. Do your best to not wait until a week before summer to start preparing a schedule. Addressing the change ahead of time can make the transition easier for your loved one with autism.
  • Look for fun recreational activities and camps in the area to create a daily routine similar to the school year, you can even plan fun activities at home.
  • Include your loved one in the planning process. Plan activities around your loved ones interest by making a list of what they enjoy.
  • Prepare their sensory system for anything that they might not be familiar with. Anticipate objects and experiences that they come into contact with and try to stimulate them at home. Sensory stimulants that can include humidity, loud noises, strong smells of BBQ’s
  • Structure activities as much as you can into a precise time schedule. Consider making a schedule that mimics your child’s school year schedule, whether that be doing something specific on every given day or arranging the day into separate blocks of activities.
  • Check out this article on fun summer activities for children of all abilities.

Follow this link to check out the Therapeutic Recreational Programs the American Autism Association has. If you need help looking for programs or camps feel free to contact us at [email protected] or our Hotline number 877-654-GIVE

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