Toys R Us locations across the United Kingdom went the extra mile to serve the autism community this holiday season by offering a ‘quiet hour’ in the morning for customers with autism to come and enjoy the store without the noise, bright or flashing lights, and crazy holiday crowds. Once the American Autism Association heard of this incredible opportunity, we took action to ensure that our local communities would reap the same benefits.

On the morning of Sunday, December 11, 2016 the Toys R Us in Miami, Florida will be hosting quiet hours for families affected by autism.

The florescent lights will be dimmed, the loudspeaker will not be used, music will be turned off, flashing lights will fade, and all staff members will work to ensure that your experience at Toys R Us will be completely inclusive. This event is an opportunity for our community movement to offer a calmer shopping experience during the holiday season.

The American Autism Association team will be on site the morning of to help welcome all families.

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