The year of 2016 has had many ups and downs in communities across the globe. Luckily enough, the autism community in specific has shared a plethora of beautiful moments and stories promoting acceptance, inclusion, and awareness. Here were some of our favorite moments:


When a Disneyland staff member went to great lengths to help find the autistic owner of this lanyard




When hundreds of people sent autistic teenager, Rebecca Prefontaine, birthday gifts and cards after seeing her celebrating her birthday alone

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When 6 year old Lex Camilleri stood up for her brother on the autism spectrum with this incredible letter



When a FSU football player joined a boy with autism for lunch



When Mikey Brannigan became the first American runner with autism to win the Olympic 1500 Meter Gold



When a boy with autism saved an entire bus full of students



When stores like JC Penny, Toys R Us, and Target offered quiet hours for shoppers with autism

NB_21jcpenney08  toys-r-us-store

When this incredible teacher reminded Ben Twist, student with autism how incredible he is


When a 220-mile run was completed to help raise autism awareness, by someone with autism



When apps like Pokemon Go, and movies like Finding Dory promoted inclusion and acceptance.

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As a member and supporter of the autism community, you’ve made your contribution to help make this year one of our best. Join the American Autism Association’s movement to help make 2017 even better!

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