Father’s Day is a day that we celebrate fatherhood and parenting worldwide. With Father’s Day right around the corner, we reached out to our Instagram community to ask, “Things every autism dad should know…” This was their response:

These are some of our favorite responses we received from our most recent “things every autism dad should know” post on Instagram. Check it out!


“Never forget the charger for the tablet lol or always pack snacks in the bag.. that’s a must lol.”-killerinstinct___


“Always be patient and always listen. They are all gifted and talented. Know that they are special and wants out love and attention.”[email protected]


“Patience and compassion are the most masculine characteristics you can develop. They take real strength and must be a proactive focus of your growth as a father. This is true of all dad’s, but it is even more tested when your child doesn’t communicate or process in ways that you do.”[email protected]


“You are enough!”[email protected]


“Look them into their eyes….look for visual contact, a hug and a kiss are part of of a great therapy of love. Allow yourself to cry sometimes.”[email protected]


“Tons of Patients and more patient. Put an example they look up to you always.”[email protected]


“Try and not to limit your son off anything! challenge him even tho the challenge is as simple as saying thank you , or opening the door for someone. Building confidence for them is huge , letting them know they can do everything wee can !! it make take some time , but they can do it . Stay strong #autismdad.”[email protected]


“Push your child out of their comfort zone but be sensitive to the physiological angst they endure while you do it. Prep and guide your child through those difficult situations and be patient when none of the strategies and techniques we are taught by the million service providers we work with.”[email protected]_luis


“Your relationship with your special child is just as important and meaningful as your significant other. The more you actively develop that trust and get to know them, the better they will begin to understand themselves and feel completely accepted in their tiny cosmos. YOU, Dad, rock. Keep trying, learning, loving. 💙” – @enjoying_the__little_things


“Patience is definitely one but follow the detailed instructions I leave…There is a reason for everything. Yes, you may think skipping around the list will make things more easier but outcome will be something you not ready to handle. My daughter is 19 & my husband is still learning this lesson.😜😂💙 “[email protected]_acosta89


“Never pass up a chance to spend time, even it happens to be the fifth time that day you line up trucks or rifle through the cards. Every second is precious and once it’s gone can never be recaptured.”[email protected]


“Take your child to pray together.”[email protected]


On Father’s day, hug your dad a little tighter and let them know that you appreciate them. This Father’s Day, and every day, we wanted to extend our appreciation and recognition for all the Father’s who have a child affected by autism. We hope that everyone has a great Father’s day!



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