Robbie Ecuyer, a nine-year-old boy with autism from Cohoes, New York lost both his parents in May of 2017. His mother, Shelly Ecuyer, died from a long battle with gastroparesis and cystic fibrosis on May 2nd and just 22 days later, his father, Robert Ecuyer, died from an overdose.

His aunt, Crystal Skawinski, obtained legal guardianship of young Ecuyer and, after discovering his love for rainbows, asked the world to help him smile during these difficult times.

Ecuyer, although old enough to understand that his parents are not going to return, does not yet fully understand death. He was told his parents went “over the rainbow bridge” when they passed. On the day that his mother passed away, a double rainbow appeared over Ecuyer’s school. He believes that when a rainbow appears, he would have the ability to look for his parents and see them in the sky.

After no rainbows appeared for a few days, Skawinski decided to take to social media to find rainbows from around the world using the hashtag #RainbowsForRobbie in a Facebook post.

Within 24 hours, Skawinski received over 1,500 comments and shares in support of her campaign. People from all over the world began sending rainbows for Ecuyer. As of July 28th, they received nearly 6,000 rainbow photos. Skawinski told NBC in an interview that she was touched by all the responses, sharing,”I’m speechless. This doesn’t happen to regular people. Thanks big sis for making your son a part of the world and to touch thousands of hearts. We miss you guys SO much. Hope you are enjoying Heaven!”

She has also promised to “make her sister and brother-in-law proud as a parent to their little boy.” If you would also like to send a #rainbowforrobbie, click here to show your support.

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