Retail giant, Target, has recently unveiled a new line of sensory friendly children’s clothing, available exclusively on their website, the collection by Target’s children’s brand Cat and Jack features clothing with heat applied labels, flat seams, and one-dimensional designs. All of these features are included with the goal of increased comfort for children with disabilities.
Inspired by Target designer, Stacey Monsen, this line of clothing has been created with inclusivity in mind. Monsen, who has a 7-year-old daughter with autism, has experienced how difficult it can be to find clothing that fits her daughter’s needs. Many parents of children with disabilities are aware that most clothing stores only cater to one type of child. Monsen, therefore, wanted to create pieces that accommodate customers with all different needs.

For now, the sensory friendly line is limited to t-shirts and high-rise leggings that will be able to fit over diapers on older children. These pieces are all between $5-$7, as an important part of making these designs accessible is their affordability. And while the selection may seem limited, there are already plans to expand their collection this fall in order to better serve the needs of children with disabilities.
Overall, the goal of this line was to make the brand Cat and Jack more inclusive for their customers. By creating an affordable clothing line for children on the spectrum, Cat and Jack is doing just that. With any luck, this is a trend that we will see more of in years to come.

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