More than 3 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with autism. That number includes every 1 in 68 children that fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. These numbers are quickly growing. The majority of families worldwide cannot afford the resources necessary to give their loved one on the spectrum the opportunities they deserve.

Autism 365 is your chance to make a difference.

A gift of just $1 a day contributes to the American Autism Association’s therapeutic recreational programs for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum such as Ballet for All Kids, Saddle Up for Autism, or #AutismGoals: Special Needs Soccer Clinic. We assure you that 100% of the money contributed by supporters like you goes directly to providing programs and creating resources for low-income families affected by autism.

Starting at just $1 every day for a year, you can provide an autistic child with therapeutic recreational programs like soccer, yoga, or even equine therapy. These programs not only help them socially and developmentally, but help individuals with autism build self-esteem, improve their motor skills, and find the confidence to help them succeed in their future.

Autism 365 – Starting at just $1 a day, you can provide a year of opportunity to a child with autism!

The American Autism Association works closely with our Autism 365 corporate sponsors to offer a productive and collaborative partnership that is equally beneficial for both parties. Your business will have the opportunity to develop a positive image in our strong community, all while making a difference for those very same people.

To join our incredible group of Autism 365 partners, please visit here for further details on becoming a corporate sponsor.

What people are saying…

Mark Blakey,    Founder of the Autism Parenting Magazine

“This partnership will benefit our readers by providing access to the full spectrum of services offered by the American Autism Association, including financial assistance and free recreational programs and workshops. Our number one goal is always to provide autistic families with tangible working solutions that make their lives easier, and we’re proud to be associated with an organization who shares that goal.”

Thomas Manfredi,      Shaping Change, LLC

“Once we came across the American Autism Association, and started reading about the programs & services AAA provides to our community, we knew this was the non-profit organization we wanted to collaborate with. With the help from the amazing American Autism Association team, we were able to collaborate on successful events in 2016, and we are very excited abut what we are going to accomplish in the future!”