Supertramp’s song ‘Give a Little Bit’ was brought to life by Jake’s House, a non-profit organization that spreads awareness and provides community support and resources to those affected by autism in Canada. Jake’s House’s fundraising campaign’s slogan, “Give a little bit” moved Supertramp singer Roger Hodgson.

The organization utilized his song and lyrics to make a change in the world, which prompted Hodgson to invite four teenagers with autism along stage with him, his 4-piece band, and 39-piece orchestra, to sing the song and to show his support for the cause.

The inspiring performance of Give a Little Bit. Source: Goodnewsnetwork

This concert took place on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, and was hosted at the Sony Centre in Toronto, Canada. Supertramp sang all of their top hits, but ended the night by singing ‘Give a Little Bit’ featuring talented teenagers with autism. Hodgson tells Goodnewsnetwork, “I wrote the song Give a Little Bit, but Jake’s House is putting it into action, and that really inspires me.”

The parents of these teenagers were in the audience, proud and touched as they watched their children display to over 2,000 guests that anything is possible and that their talents are limitless. This inspiring performance was a new version of this hit song that left the audience emotional.

Visit the Jake House’s to learn how every little bit you give can make a big difference!

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