For Autism Awareness Month, St. Rita’s School in Staten Island raised just over $1,200 for the American Autism Association through our Change for Autism Initiative. Their National Junior Honors Society (NJHS) came together to help raise autism awareness and spread acceptance throughout their school. This spanned from students as young as 5 years old, up to eighth grade students.

As a fundraiser, they had each grade decorate their own glass mason jar and encouraged students to bring “spare change” to school with them each day to fill the jars and donate to the cause. This fundraiser demonstrates the powerful effect donating in small amounts can have when a community works together for a unified cause.

In addition to collecting change throughout the month of April, St. Rita’s hosted a school dance. At the dance, students pledged to spread autism acceptance by signing a piece of paper in the shape of a puzzle piece. Collectively, the puzzle pieces created a beautiful “awareness tree” design that lined their hallway.

This is the second year of our Change for Autism Initiative, and it was an incredible success. St. Rita’s once again blew us away with their fantastic efforts.

If you or your community would be interested in participating in our Change for Autism initiative or something similar to benefit the American Autism Association, please visit our fundraising page or contact us at [email protected].

Check out some photos for Change for Autism, April 2017 at St. Rita’s School below!


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