On Sunday, July 29th, Sid Edwards and his son Jack Ryan Edwards took a trip to their local Rouses Market, a grocery store in Drusilla Lane in Baton Rouge. Seventeen-year-old Jack Ryan Edwards has autism and was fascinated when he saw a store employee stocking the fridge with orange juice, reports CNN. The Rouses Market employee, Jordan Taylor approached Jack Ryan when he saw him staring and pointing at the orange juice bottle in awe. When Taylor, who is 20 years old, asked Jack Ryan if he wanted to help him, Jack Ryan agreed.

Taylor helped Jack Ryan stock the store’s fridge with orange juice three times for about half-an-hour in total, reports The Advocate. Edwards called the moment a miracle because Jack Ryan does not usually focus on a task for such a long time. After asking Taylor for permission, he took a video of Jack Ryan and Taylor stocking the orange juice into the fridge. Jack Ryan’s sister, Delaney Alwosaibi, published the video on Facebook and it went viral within a few days, with over 212,000 likes and 4,400 shares, according to The Advocate. Take a look at Alowosaibi’s Facebook post…

Image: Facebook

“To me, when you go to a grocery store with an autistic kid, especially when they’re young, people don’t understand, they’re not very accepting”, Edwards told CNN.

Take a look at the video of Jack Ryan Edwards and Jordan Taylor…

Alowosaibi created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Jordan Taylor to attend school. “Jack Ryan was watching Jordan stock the coolers when Jordan asked Jack if he’d like to help. The smile on Jack’s face said all of the words that he couldn’t. Jack and Jordan stocked the coolers as a team, Jordan encouraging Jack Ryan as he finished each task” Alowosabi posted on the GoFundMe campaign to send Taylor to school.




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