It can be hard for teens and adults on the autism spectrum to find an autism-friendly social outing. Especially once graduate  from the school system, since many events are catered towards children with special needs. This exclusion leaves people like Austen Olivia Wheeler, a young adult with autism, left feeling alone and frankly bored upon graduating high school.

Wheeler channeled her free time to create fun for people in a similar situation as her. Leading to the creation of Austen’s Autistic Adventures, a program that runs daily field trips and weekend excursions for people 18 and older on the autism spectrum.

This year Austen’s Autistic Adventures is celebrating their first annual Spring Carnival for teens and adults on the autism spectrum. The carnival will take place Saturday, March 23rd from 12:00-3:00pm, in Olde City Park in Wylie, Texas. The carnival intends to raise money for the organization as well as overall awareness of the adults with autism in their community. The carnival will feature an array of sensory-friendly games, bounce houses, food, and prizes.

Austen Olivia Wheeler

This special event will help adults with autism learn and or maintain social skills in a safe and fun environment. By allowing them to interact with other people on the spectrum, who are able to understand what they’re going through. Which will allow attendees to feel included, despite any transitions they may be going through. Wristbands can be purchased at the carnival for access to all games, in addition to individuals tickets, which can be collected with any voluntary donations.

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