Despite not being able to attend his classroom Valentine’s Day card exchange, Mikey Hafner might have the most Valentines than any other 11-year-old!

After his Mom, Rebecca Hafner, created a Facebook page, Valentines Day Cards for Mikey, the love came flooding in. Mikey, who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, has been through a lot. He’s had multiple brain surgeries at a young age and now, has been hospitalized for behavioral issues and had to miss school on Valentine’s Day.

Photo Cr: Rebecca Hafner

He quickly turned the situation around when he decided to collect Valentines from all 50 states. Mikey and the Hadner family live in New Hampshire, and they’ve received a lot of love from the North East as well as cards from places as far as California and Alaska.

Hafner has been using her son’s story to advocate for autism and mental health awareness. She wrote on her Facebook page,

“If Mikey’s story can help another family who has never been through this and can find help, resources or just to read what they can expect, then we’ve done an awesome job. If this gets to our congress, legislators and they see how inhumane and frustrating it is to keep a child involuntarily in a hospital while they are having a mental health crisis until a psychiatric bed opens, then we’ve done an awesome job.”

Hafner hopes Mikey will be released from the hospital later today. “I will continue to advocate… for my son… for mental health… for those I love… and I welcome you to do the same,” Hafner wrote on the Facebook page.

Visit Valentines Day Cards for Mikey to stay updated, and watch Mikey reach his goal of all 50 states!

There can never been too much love for this awesome boy! Send a Valentine to Mikey, or his sister Lilly, at the mailing address below:

Mikey Hafner Jr.
PO Box 826
Rochester, NH 03866

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