4-year-old Julian, also known as Action Kid, found himself spinning around in circles by the swimming pool and simply being himself. At this moment Lu Everman, his parent, was worried since sometimes children tend to react cruelly to Julians unique behavior. But what happened next was something both Action Kid and Lu Everman did not expect.

A girl asked to play with Action Kid. “He’s silly!” the girl told her grandmother. “I want to play with him.”

The little girl told her grandmother that she liked the boy because it reminded her of a Sesame Street character named Julia. Julia is a muppet with autism that launched as a character on Sesame Street in 2017 and has since been a great addition to the Sesame Street characters.

Everman was so moved by the encounter he had just witnessed that he decided to share the experience on Twitter.

In past situations Everman noticed that other children would feel kind of scared because of the way that Action Kid acted. “Julian has trouble talking, but he’s great with computers already”, Everman added on the thread.

In an interview, Everman told Today: “It can be off-putting to abled kids because they think he’s ignoring them, or else acting weird,” Everman said. But Everman, who also has autism, never imagined that a character with autism on Sesame Street would change a child’s impression. “Julia and Julian were the same. When the little girl in his class saw Julia, she had seen Julian,” they said. “I don’t think I’ve ever loved a Muppet so much.”

Hopefully this story encourages other parents and children to not be scared or intimidated to play with those on the autism spectrum. The disabled character on Sesame Street has proved to the audience that a person with autism spectrum disorder can interacted and feel included with society at all times.

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