This summer Showcase Cinemas will launch its Sensory Sensitive Movie program. Families will be able to enjoy new family-friendly movie releases in select sensory sensitive theaters each month. In an effort to create an inclusive environment for children and families affected by autism, Showcase Cinemas’ program features film screenings with reduced volumes and low lighting. Trailers and 3-D movies will not be played during the monthly showing and moviegoers are permitted to walk around the auditorium during the entire screening.

The Vice President of Global Marketing for Showcase Cinemas, Mark Malinowski, told Boston Globe, “we know there’s a need for this environment to be created. It is really about being as inclusive as we possibly can for all people to see movies”. By making changes to the traditional moviegoing experience, Showcase Cinemas is creating movie showings everyone can enjoy. Accommodations, such as allowing guests to bring blankets and toys, can help them and their families feel comfortable. The Chief Program and Marketing Officer at Autism Speaks told The Boston Globe, “these types of opportunities provide families with outlets to be somewhere where they couldn’t be before”.

This year Showcase Cinemas will feature sensory sensitive screenings of The Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, Christopher Robin, Smallfoot, Nutcracker & the Four Realms, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. The program is available in select theaters in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Ohio.

Image: Disney

Showcase Cinemas is joining AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas in bringing fun entertainment to everyone. AMC Theatres has sensory-friendly movie showings a few times a month through the AMC Sensory Friendly Film program. The program consists of screenings with reduced volumes, low lighting, and welcomes guests to move around the theater freely while the movie is playing. Both family-friendly and adult films are available through the Sensory-Friendly Film program. Similarly, Regal Cinema’s My Way Matinee program provides daytime sensory sensitive movie screenings throughout the U.S.

Movie theater chains with sensory-friendly screenings are paving the way for entertainment that can be accessed and enjoyed by all families and children.





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