Coming up with fun Halloween activities for your children can be hard, so we will make it easy for you! Sensory-Friendly activities provide children on the autism spectrum with many benefits, such as increasing concentration and attention, developing or reactivating senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste, heightening awareness, improving alertness, and much more!

Here are some exciting, STEM-related Sensory-Friendly Halloween Activities:


Fall Dissolving Candy 

Fall dissolving candy is a neat science experiment that is easy to set up with only simple supplies needed! Dissolving candy science is also a great activity to set up around times when your stock of candy is abundant! Candy corn, peeps, gum drops, there’s so much to explore!

With the help of a parent, children will form a sense of cause and effect and it will reactivate the senses of smell, touch, and sight. If the activity is done in a group of family or friends it can promote social interactions which will increase communication and sharing. See the full activity here.


Halloween Lava Lamp and Density Experiment

This classic science activity is a hit all year round but we can make it a bit creepy for Halloween by changing up colors and accessories. Explore the density of liquids and add in a cool chemical reaction too.

You will need a jar or beaker, cooking oil, water, food coloring, and alka seltzer tablets or generic equivalent.

This experiment is just as enjoyable as it is valuable for children on the spectrum. It will improve the child’s concentration and attention while also, promoting mental and physical relaxation (because of a decrease in stress levels). See full activity here.



Grow Animal Specimen Bottles

I am sure you have seen these grow animals before, try turning them into creepy grow animal specimen bottles? Kids love this simple science activity and get a huge kick out of the results. These might just be inexpensive novelty items, but there is a bit of science too. Simple science experiments for young kids is a perfect way to set up a good foundation for the future.

This activity will have participants feeling comfortable to enjoy themselves which will improve their creativity overall. It will also increase their opportunity for choice and self-determination. See full activity here.


Building Ghostly Styrofoam Ball Structures 

Ghostly styrofoam ball structures using just 2 supplies. Excellent STEM learning activity that is also a neat play idea. Build ghostly structures for a little spooky Halloween science and STEM this fall.

Building these ghostly structures will not only improve the child’s coordination and motor development, but it will also stimulate cognitive development because of an increase in brain function. See full activity here.

Five Little Pumpkins Stem Challenge 

The book Five Little Pumpkins is a classic Halloween or pumpkin themed staple for the fall season. Our Five Little Pumpkins STEM challenge is perfect to pair with it too! Whether you are passed counting to 5, you can still try out this fun STEM activity and see if you can get 5 little pumpkins to sit on the gate or fence.

This challenge will promote the sense of cause and effect, increase concentration, and enhance coordination and motor skills. See full activity here.


These activities integrate science, education, and creativity to entertain your kids this Halloween season. All of these experiments are useful for any kids in the autism community because it does not just help with their sensory development, but can also benefit them in many other ways too.

Wishing you a happy Halloween from our team to yours!
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