On Saturday, April 27 2019 the American Autism Association held its last session of this season’s Saddle Up for Autism Program. Over the course of the past five weeks, we have had 12 participants progress in their equestrian capabilities while having a fantastic time exploring the El Paso Ranch in Miami, Florida.

Saddle Up for Autismhas been one of the American Autism Associations most successful recreational programs open to children on the autism spectrum. Equine therapy, or more informally known as horse therapy, is a recreational program that has shown to improve social, emotional, and motor skills. Our equine programs not only allow children the chance to learn how to interact with and ride horses, but also provides the opportunity to the children to interact with other animals on the ranch and engage in games and activities with other children. This semester we had a variety of fun activities, ranging from arts and crafts to sensory-friendly toys ranging from bubbles to play doh. 

After five sessions, our amazing class was ready to graduate! Each week, the children were introduced to new methods and tricks while riding and in addition to successfully completing the program the children can take away valuable set of skills and memories. We are so incredibly proud of all of our graduating horse enthusiasts!

If you are interested in learning more about our therapeutic and recreational programs, please visit our website.

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