Checklist for last Saturday’s Motorcycle ride:

Leather Jacket


Passion for Raising Autism Awareness

In case any members of our community in Michigan saw nearly 150 bikers on a 60 mile ride from Southfield to Taylor we thought you deserved an explanation! All those bikers were taking part in the 13th Annual Ride for Autism Michigan!

Fox 2 News reported the story first by speaking to the President and one of the founders of the event, Sal Ferra, proudly explained, “We were only supposed to go one year and here we are going on thirteen!” It is a wonderful day that brings the community together with event veterans like Kathy Suban who told Fox 2 News, “We really enjoy it! It’s really fun getting out here!” However, Ride for Autism Michigan is still attracting first timers like Darryell Blackmon who told the news outlet, “I seen this ride on Channel 2 News yesterday and I like the charity I like the event so I decided this morning that I would get up and be a part of it!”

The event is centered around the Chrenenko family and their son Victor, who has autism. Kevin Chrenenko, Victor’s father told reporters, “13 years. We started out with… 56 bikes. Now you see them coming in and we probably got that in the first 15 minutes.” The Chrenenko family has watched the growth of this event since 2005 and with the growing number of participants, donations have also grown. Since its conception, the event has raised close to $130,000 all of which goes to the Judson Center and the Macomb County Autism Society, two local Michigan non-profits aiming to help those with autism.


Inspired by this story of local community organizing? Check out our Fundraising Page! We have step by step instructions for how to Host Events, Get Active, Fundraise Online, and participate through Workplace Giving!

We’ve done events like The Bronx Walks for Autism Awareness, Paddle for Autism, and Step with the Spectrum. (All photographed below)

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