With the back to school season quickly approaching, Rice Krispies has a new treat in store for autism parents. Rice Krispies is selling sets of four stickers on their website. Officially named “Love Notes,” these stickers are lightly reusable, sensory-friendly, heart-shaped patches with different textures and calming colors. The textures include fleece, faux fur, satin, and velour. They can be stuck onto the Rice Krispies packaging, over the heart on the front of a square bar. This way, children can feel their parent’s love, even at school. 

Last year, Kellogg’s rolled out a collaboration with the National Federation of the Blind to bring braille “Love Notes” for visually impaired children. The company sold sticker sheets with encouraging messages in braille, from “You’ve got this!” to “Love you lots.” 

The Sensory “Love Notes” initiative is a partnership between Kellogg’s and Autism Speaks. In their official promotion, Rice Krispies recognizes that not all children communicate verbally, and this initiative aims to help them feel loved and comforted at school, where they might not be as used to the environment. 

Sensory “Love Notes” for children with ASD. (Courtesy of Kellogg’s Company)

In a press release, Kris Bahner, senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs at Kellogg, said, “This cause is very dear to me as a mom of a child with autism. I know firsthand that love and emotions aren’t always easy for children on the spectrum to express and receive – but they need to feel it and share it as much as any other child.”

Check out this promotional video, featuring a child on the spectrum, SJ, who is transitioning to a new school this year and will need lots of love and support to adjust. 

To learn more about the initiative and to order “Love Notes,” visit this link

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