This past weekend, Brittany Lue, a Fundraising and Community Outreach intern with the American Autism Association hosted an event, ‘Paint and Sip’ to raise awareness about autism and funds for our low cost therapeutic recreational programs for individuals with autism.

We partnered with an art studio, Bottle & Bottega, in Miami, Florida to host a fun and artistic event to benefit the community. I chose to plan a fundraiser incorporating art because I have always had a passion for the arts since I younger and I believe art is a great way to bring people together and raise money for our programs to benefit the community. Art is a great way for people to express their individuality and creativity while having fun.

It was an evening full of laughter and excitement. Participants expressed their own creativity and showcased their natural art abilities. The night started off with wine, light snacks and an amazing cake provided by Telva Sweet Bakery. Professional artists then led the participants through a step by step process and provided guidance to create their masterpiece. Although participants were painting the same picture, each painting was different in its own way and demonstrated each person’s originality. The art was representative of how every individual with autism is unique & strong in their own way and no one person with autism is the same.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event, specifically Bottle & Bottega and Telva Sweet Bakery .

If you would like to learn more about our fundraising efforts or how to set up your own fundraiser, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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