The rock band, Spectrumproves that music is something that is for everyone, by everyone. A Pittsburgh based group, these four musicians have more than just a love of music in common–they all share the experience of living with autism spectrum disorder.

Christopher Brozek, Justin Laus, Bobby McGrath, and Erin Mullin each bring their own musical talent to the group, creating a sound that is reminiscent of old school classic rock, pop, and blues. According to their Facebook Page, Spectrum draws inspiration from musical legends such as The Beatles, Beatles, Kansas, Chuck Berry, Journey, Stevie Wonder, and AC/DC–just to name a few. 

While autism itself may seem like a barrier to working in music and performing in front of crowds, it has also created a strong bond and sense of purpose among its members and fans. When Spectrum is lined up to play at a venue, many people in the crowd feel a sense of excitement. Not only do audience members enjoy seeing these individuals do what they love, but they also get to hear the great music that is created in the process.

Spectrum has worked with the organization Band Together Pittsburgh for the past two years, allowing them to spread their musical talents to many. Band Together’s primary mission is to work with kids on the spectrum to teach them how to express themselves through music. They also promote a positive image of the autism community through advocacy and through their music festivals, which feature local bands like Spectrum.

Some of the venues Spectrum has performed at include fundraisers for Autism Speaks, Moondog’s in Blanor, and Summer On Sampsonia. However, They are also scheduled to perform at four venues in the next month alone. For more information, check out their events page.

These four individuals show the importance of following your passion, regardless of any perceived barriers you may have. By doing what they love, the members of Spectrum are adding another strong and inspiring voice to the Autism community.

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