In a Facebook post that has been shared over 232 thousand times, Rebecca Prefontaine tells a heartbreaking story about her cousin, Hallee Sorensen, an 18-year-old girl who has autism that celebrated her last birthday alone. The picture below shows Hallee sitting by herself at her birthday party where she was excited to “go bowling, have fun, and eat cake and ice cream” with the 20 classmates and friends she invited. However, no one ever came to the party.


Hallee’s mother, Allyson Seel-Sorenson told BuzzFeed that she is “the biggest love bug in the world” who “loves everybody”. When Seel-Sorenson saw how upset her daughter was, she was heartbroken and “…crying so hard I couldn’t talk”. As one can imagine, any parent would be upset watching their child crying over their cake while wearing a party hat being “…hurt for the first time in her life” and unable to understand what is happening. They ended up leaving the party, donating the food from the party to a homeless shelter, and going home.


This year, Rebecca is asking people from all over the world to flood her cousin’s mailbox with cards for her 19th birthday in July to show Rebecca just show special she is. She says her cousin loves getting mail and it would be the best birthday present ever. This would mean the world to Hallee.

Since the Facebook post, cards and gifts have already started flooding in from people all over the world.


Everyone deserves to feel loved and celebrated on their birthday. Help us give Hallee the best birthday yet by sending cards to:

Hallee Sorenson

34 Wellesley Way

Bangor, ME 04401


Help us make her birthday wishes come true!


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