The American Autism Association is happy to announce our newest Autism 365 partnership with Parents 1st, is a class for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ABA therapy is a highly desired and effective treatment for Autism; however, it can be expensive and often takes precious time to enroll a child into a program. Parents 1st provides a 2-day intensive class for parents who want to help their child, but don’t know where to start. Parents 1st offers a class to educate parents on the basics of ABA. By attending and completing this class, you will be equipped with foundational knowledge of ABA and will feel confident and competent when starting an ABA program.


Laura Larson, M.Ed., BCBA, Parents 1st Instructor shared of the collaboration,

fullsizerender“Partnering with the American Autism Association is a gift to its sponsors. Not only are we advertising our services, more importantly we are supporting AAA’s efforts to provide assistance, opportunity and services to families who need it most! Imagine if other companies took AAA’s approach and provided a service by partnering with their sponsors. We don’t know what anyone’s potential is, until they are given the opportunity to achieve it. AAA encourages everyone to reach his or her potential. Parents 1st is honored and proud to partner with American Autism Association.”

Parents 1st offers a class for parents who are interested in ABA for their child and are eager to get started! This 2-day intensive class builds an understanding of terms and strategies used in ABA. Instead of learning this information over the next 5-10 years, jumpstart your ABA journey now to get more out of therapy in the future.

Visit or email [email protected] for more information.

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