Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” has been sweeping the nation for its unique blend of country and rap; the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus has over 334 million streams on Spotify.

A unique and perhaps unintended audience has appreciated the song the most – children. In May, Lil Nas X visited Lander Elementary School in Ohio to perform “Old Town Road” for children, who sang along and jumped up and down in excitement as the song played.

The song has even reached four-year-old Daniel Brundidge of Minnesota. Brundidge has autism, and has been mostly non-verbal for all of his life. His mother, Sheletta Brundidge, told Star Tribute, “This boy hasn’t said more than three words at a time since he was born.” That’s why when he began humming and singing the words to “Old Town Road,” his mother burst into tears. She said this was a breakthrough moment.

In all of her excitement, Brundidge recorded a ten second clip of her son singing along to his favorite song. She posted it on Twitter saying, “We had an #oldtownroad miracle at my house. My son Daniel has #autism and doesn’t talk. We caught him humming the @LilNasX and @billyraycyrus tune the other day. Then Bless God, my baby started singing the song on his own. His therapists have started to use it in his sessions!” The tweet has over 5,500 retweets and almost 40,000 likes.

Daniel in his country outfit ready to perform “Old Town Road.” (Via @TwoHauteMamas1 on Twitter)

In an interview with Tennessean, Brundidge revealed, “He just hasn’t responded well to the therapy. Nothing we’ve tried has given us the results that we saw with the other children. … We were beating our head up against the wall.” Music seems to be the answer to getting her son to effectively communicate.

Brundidge has been singing “Old Town Road” ever since, and he and his siblings request the song to be replayed over and over most days. Lil Nas X even reshared the video of him singing his hit song with the caption, “What a king.” The future looks bright for little Brundidge, as he rocks out on his microphone daily and learns more and more words.

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