Spectrum Toy Store is a one of a kind toy store that specializes in sensory toys, special needs products, and adaptive equipment for individuals with developmental disabilities. Their toys focus on gross and fine motor skills, cognitive and speech development, social, emotional and life skills, as well as sensory awareness and communication. It is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is one of the only few stores like it in the country!

ABC 7 Chicago was able to interview storeowner, Jamilah Rahim, and she share that she “saw a need for this type of store”. She went on to tell ABC 7 Chicago, “I did in home behavior therapy with families and I was able to see firsthand what kind of toys the kids played with, what they we into and I found out most parents got their toys online mainly because there was nowhere for them to shop locally. So with that being said I decided this was a great idea to get in to,” said Rahim.



Parents and children not only can come to Spectrum Toy Store to buy toys, but they can test the products out before hand to ensure that they will be completely satisfied with their purchase. During the ABC 7 Chicago interview, Rahim additionally shared, “It focuses on children with disabilities ages 3-13. We do different activity groups. We focus on different core areas like communication skills, life skills, cognitive skills, gross fine motor skills ad sensory play. All of the classes are play based since we are a toy store we try to gear everything around play so we do different activities with different toys to help support the skill deficit that children may have.”

According to Rahim, “The turnout has been wonderful. The community has been very accepting. People come in all the time and ask what we’re about, what we do. Hey give suggestions about what works well for their children so we try to keep items in the store that fits the community,”


ABC 7 Chicago reports that Spectrum Toy Store has plans to launch a new monthly toy subscription service with the proceeds going to scholarships for area families to take part in summer day programs next year.


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