The American Autism Association is proud to partner with a number of local businesses that help serve the autism community. Our newest partner is Hospertity!

Hosperity provides access to physicians, nurses and counselors at anytime, from anywhere. When an illness arises our physicians can write prescriptions, when medically necessary. Typically, they able to treat nearly 72% of illnesses that someone may visit the Urgent Care or Emergency Room for. Our nurse line provides education and guidance for questions or concerns. The counselors are also available to provide support or when someone just needs to vent. Regardless of where our members are located or what time of day it is our medical providers are literally a phone call away.

Ernestina Stanley, Vice President of Operations from Hosperity said, “Since we have a child with autism, the struggles of daily life are very real for us. We understand just how difficult things can be. Our 5 year old does not handle a disruption in our very strict daily routine nor did he handle the stress related to visiting the clinic. Our decision to launch Hosperity was very easy for us. We needed something to make life just a little easier and it did.”

Welcome to our team, Hosperity!

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