Of the many quirks that make an individual with autism awesome, one of the most identifying characteristics associated with individuals on the autism spectrum is their fascination for an object or a place. Maybe a pair of shoes your child can’t live without. Or a special toy that can’t leave their sight. For Renee Britt, her son Dawson’s fascination is Target. Renee and Dawson visit the store at least four times a week. Renee uses their visits as a therapeutic opportunity for Dawson, encouraging him to socialize as they walk around the store or practice being patient while standing in line, according to IC Florida.

A few weeks ago on a trip to Target, a t-shirt featuring characters from “Star Wars” caught Dawson’s eye. He became fascinated with the shirt, wearing it every single day. Unfortunately, the shirt went out of stock and Renee became desperate to find a way to get her son another one to replace the one he currently has. She posted on Facebook and received an overwhelming response.

facebook dawson

On the original post, she received more than 250 shares and comments, then her post was featured on Love What Matters, a page dedicated to sharing stories about love and compassion. More than 5,000 people commented or shared her story.

The responses ranged from understanding parents of children with autism, to kind individuals just inspired by the story, to the store itself, Target.

target comment

Renee Britt was left in tears by the amount of responses elicited online to help her son. “Wow!!! Seriously overwhelmed by the tremendous kindness of everyone!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”, she posted on her Facebook page.

Dawson had a few words for everyone that helped out. You can watch the video here: Youtube.



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