Holly Young, a mother from Ohio, has an eight-year old son named Roman who received an early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum  Disorder (ASD). Young was passionate about trying to find a unique way for parents who have children with autism to have toys that would be sensory friendly.

Young is currently preparing for her grand opening of her toy store called Puzzle Pieces, a special needs retail store that is geared towards children on the autism spectrum and sensory friendly toys. She stated to ABC News, “Picking out a toy for a child is hard. Picking out a toy for an atypical child with sensory needs is very hard, so hopefully this will help bridge that gap for parents.”

Puzzle Pieces has a sensory room that has many different accommodations for the children to interact with such as bubble walls, fiber optics and swings to help relax and give sensory interaction for the children while the parents are shopping.

Not only does Young state that she is in contact and working with twenty-four different manufacturers, but she also lets her son Roman, chose all the items of what is sold at the store.

Photo Credits: ABC News

The grand opening of Puzzle Pieces that took place Saturday March 24th and many local therapists such as ABA therapist to help give some valid information for the parents of what ABA therapy is all about and how it could benefit their child with autism. We can’t wait to see what Young has stored for the future and hopefully expand the horizons and build more toy stores throughout the country!



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