We often turn to our social media community to ask different questions about autism, which gives us the chance to showcase various responses and individualized perspectives. Recently, we posted the phrase, “You might be an autism parent if…”, and asked our followers to finish the sentence. The array of responses we received exemplifies the varying experiences each parent with a child affected by autism encounters on a day to day basis. Even though many of the responses were very different, there is an understanding that autism parents share with each other that even though it may not always be easy, having a child with autism is incredibly special. Listed below are some of our favorite quotes we received on Facebook and Instagram.

You might be an autism parent if…

“You talk to your child’s security object during their meltdown to talk to your child, bc your child wont ‘listen’ to you directly. ‘Mister ducky I’m sorry you are upset. I do understand how much you hate showers…..'” – Stephanie Albritton

“You make sure your child has a sweater with a hood and has a pair of sunglasses to hide his face and eyes while out in public, even if the weather or conditions don’t call for either of those things, just so he feels he has some sense of security and control over his situation.” – Maria Banuelos

“You have attended more IEP meetings than date nights.” – Maria A. Hurtado

“You phone all your family when they try a new food.” – @kezaabella

“ You see the beauty in being unique and different.” – @klgold428

“ Ketchup is a major food group.” – @mama_volp

“You struggle with closing off the world to protect them, or open up all the possibilities to enrich them.” – @harrisonfarr

“ When they have Repetitive songs that you know by heart, you catch yourself humming to them or signing them because they get stuck in your head.. seeing a beautiful smile in the morning and feeling how honest and caring they truly are regardless of their everyday struggles they work so hard everyday!” – @liliana_garcia_w

“Your kid has INSANE observation skills & has a memory like no other! I don’t need a grocery list as long as I tell him what we need…he’ll remember for me.” – @centsiblysaving

“You have a folder just dedicated to all the paperwork you need on hand for any intro/funding etc meeting you may have.” – @novabovine

“It’s the first time in his 12 years that he was invited to play with a group of kids from school…Holding back tears of excitement and the urge to take a million pictures.” – @fitgirl.mel.t

“You video the trash guys picking up the trash LATE and your 34-year autistic son had to go to work and was so upset he missed it. ” – @pattystuckmeyer

Thank you to everyone who participated, your responses are greatly appreciated and allow us to create an even stronger bond within our inspiring community.


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