On February 6, 2017, Bennie Kandel shared a heartwarming story to the Love What Matters Facebook account about a McDonald’s worker helped her son with autism. Leif, Kandel’s son, who is seven years-old has autism and had his sights set out for a Teen Titans Go! happy meal toy for weeks since he saw a classmate with the toy. In a Huffington Post article Kandel tells the post, “He has been so focused on these toys to the point that he had trouble talking about or thinking about anything else. It was a daily conversation.” Kandel and Leif decided to take a trip to the nearest McDonald’s in Indianapolis, Indiana but were not granted the best news. Unfortunately, the toys were gone and Leif was shattered.

There happened to be one toy that was in the display box. Kandel told TQ, the cashier about how passionate Leif was about getting this toy. TQ’s manager was against taking the toys down from the display. In an interview with the Huffington Post with Kandel, TQ “spent 15-20 minutes trying to get this toy for her son. After a while of convincing her manager she eventually got the job done!” Leif was elated to have receive the toys and played with them for hours. A thankful Kandel shared on Facebook, “Thank you, TQ . . . These simple Happy Meal toys mean so much! Your effort was an expression of love and made a difference.”

This is not the first time McDonald’s had done a wonderful deed for a child with special needs. According to Delish Back in 2016, McDonald’s granted a six year old boy named E. J. Paterson from Rocky Mount, North Carolina who had autism a year of French fries because a nearby Golden Corral made him and his family feel like they were not welcomed. Just like Kennel,  Paterson’s mother, Latonya Whitaker was very appreciative of what had happened for her son. Whitaker expressed,”It was a beautiful moment. For them to actually care and understand and to help me, that’s a blessing. Everybody is not so understanding. People don’t go out of their way to help other people.”

TQ’s act of kindness has been shared over 3,000 times and liked by over 31,000 people. Thank you for your generosity to little Kief!

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