Operations Manager of Durham School Services, Dillon, began “flipping” school buses with the help of his father and uncle. Flipping buses entails buying used school buses and renovating them to be sold. He began videotaping the buses after he purchased them, the different parts of the bus, and the flipping process, which he would then post on Youtube. Soon after he began posting the videos, he developed a following of people interested in the process and design aspect of flipping. Many of Dillon’s followers told him they have autism, which inspired a whole new project.

Dillon was motivated to convert one of his most cherished buses into one that could outwardly support the autism community. He created a company called “Wheels for Awareness”, and after researching the American Autism Association, decided to use puzzle pieces to symbolize his support. He covered the bus in colorful, painted puzzle pieces on each side and added new seating within the bus. He has plans to continue adding to the bus with Wi-Fi, USB jacks, and other features.

Durham School Services quotes Dillon saying, “I just wanted to do something for these kids”.

Dillon’s creative support for autism is appreciated all year round but especially during Autism Awareness Month! He turned his bus into a work of art that shows his own support, but also encourages others to hop on board and join the cause.

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