Tyler Williams, a 24-year old who has autism, that currently works in the Hartland Fire Department. The Fire Chief Dave Dean said that he enjoys working with Williams and that he always brings a smile whenever he comes in to help out with the fire department. Williams finally got promoted to a paid position at the fire department from the help of Fire Chief Dean and Williams local high school Arrowhead High School.

Williams is part of the transitioning program at his local high school and his school helps him get internships and service jobs. Dlobik who is the program coordinator, discusses it could be hard to find what really is the best fit for certain students. Dlobik stated to Journal Sentinel,  “One of Tyler’s biggest interest is the fire station. It really clicked.” Many people in the firehouse really do appreciate Williams about his ambition and passion that he has for the fire department. He loves to go on fire calls and would like to help children down the road and assist them on fire safety.

Dean stated to Journal Sentinel “I smile every time Tyler makes a connection with someone or learns a new tasks. He understands community service and is simply amazing. To see what he has accomplished in his years at the fire station, and how he was matured and encourages others brings a tear to my eye.”

Photo Credits: Journal Sentinel

Dean and Williams connection is what has got many people passionate about working for the fire department. Dean also stated that he is trying to reach out the special needs community and trying to get more volunteer firefighters to follow Williams foot steps of making a difference!

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