Sibling may be defined by Merriam-Webster as “one of two or more individuals having one common parent” but anyone with a sibling knows that they are so much more. The convenient package of a sibling contains a sparring partner, confidant, partner in crime, best friend and so much more! We looked to you on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to find out why you all love your sibling(s) with autism:

*Warning: Have tissues handy, very real chance of happy tears!*

“He’s changed the way I look at the world and has changed me as a person. For that I will always love him no matter what and would not change it for anything.” – @vivi_tomlinson_

“He is full of joy and happiness no matter what is going on around him. I love you Xay man.” [email protected]breanne

“He teaches me that love is not words.” [email protected]sdone12

“He has expanded my mind in ways to love and understand, that no one else could do.” – @madipeezy

“He gives me inspiration to have no fear in anything I do and ignites passion into my heart.”- @maddie.griffen

“Josh is my best friend. He can take me into his world which is all happiness. He’s taught me how to be someone else’s voice, an advocate. He’s also taught me what unconditional love really means.” [email protected]kaidancer07

“He inspires me every day to help others just like him.” [email protected]gigalano

“She was born a month after I lost my son and saved my life. She is always my light. Drives me mad some days, but that is because she is my sister. I wouldn’t want a world without all of the snuggles, hugs, “I love you'” she gives me. I love her because she is truly amazing and wonderful. I love watching her grow.” –@writingonmoonlight

Because there is so much innocents in his honesty!” [email protected]jessellica

He taught me patience and how to unconditionally love.” [email protected]witchhazel14

He shows me what real love feels like.” [email protected]amysnow

He made me become the person I am today. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” [email protected]chastings89

He’s brave and not scared to make his dreams a reality.” [email protected]theuptitudeproject

“They always keep me interested to learn more.” Victor Oakley‏ ‪@Pro_JetSon

“‘She’s the kindest and most sweetest girl. She treats me with so much love and I’m so glad to have a sister like her because she’s so special’- Madden, age 9. Brother hero to Maisy, age 4” [email protected]adventures.with.maisy

“My ten year old son Justin said, ‘Addyson is only 5 and teaches me so many things. She has the coolest brain.’” – @little_fredericksburg

“‘…..I love him, that’s all, I just love him.’ ~Joslynn age 6 of her 8 yr old brother with Autism” [email protected]aljennglatts

Anyone else go through a few boxes of tissues? Thank you to all the siblings who sent in these beautiful and heartfelt responses! We are so honored to have such wonderful supporters!

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