Frankel Antoine, is a licensed barber that is on a mission to help give free haircuts to individuals on the autism spectrum. Antoine is passionate about helping the local community for people with autism to help them give a peaceful and relaxing haircut. Antoine’s mission was inspired by his brother named Amos, who has autism and is nonverbal.

In the beginning of Antoine’s journey, he gave his brother haircuts at home, understanding his brother’s needs when it came to his sensory processing. After some time of practicing with Amos, Antoine began working at City Cuts Barber Shop.

Photo Credits: Fading Autism

Antoine came up created “Fade Autism”, which helps clients with autism, giving them free haircuts and taking appointments during quiet hours before the shop officially opened. He requests that each client fills out a form that includes their nam, as well as hobbies or favorite things he could talk about during the appointment.

Antoine stated to Pocono Record, “My barber shop, they love it. They encourage me to peruse this passion of mine. It helps our business. It’s just one way to provide community service.”

Antoine biggest motivator in his life is his brother. His goals in his life is to inspire other barbers out there to give back to their local community and show what they are truly passionate about in there life.

Check out Antoine’s website, Fading Autism, which is where you can book an appointment with him and get more information about what he does!


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