Every few months we turn to our social media community and ask about their personal autism experiences. With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask, “You know you’re an autism Mom when…” Interacting with our online community gives us the chance to gain new perspectives, since everyone’s experience with autism is different, and spread autism awareness. This Mother’s Day, and everyday, we wanted to extend our appreciation and admiration for all of the mother’s who have a child affected by autism. You are strong, resilient, and truly inspiring!


These are some of our favorite responses we received from our most recent you know you’re an autism mom when posts on Instagram and Twitter. Take a look!


“You Know You’re An Autism Mom When Every morning you have the same routine. To get up before your alarm clock to make breakfast, snacks and prep lunch bc he doesn’t eat school food, wake him up at exactly 6:13am (not a minute more, not a minute less) make sure he uses the bathroom, wash hands, face and brush his teeth, then get dress, eat his bowl of Farina, go down stairs and wait for the school bus.” – @maravelousbaby_76

“When you feel like your heart is going to burst every day from worry, pride, anxiety, joy and most of all: love! Because the rest of the world melts away the moment your child smiles.” – @nixxi829

“When I hear my son playing in living room at 3am & think someone broke into the house!” – @isabelramosxoI

“When you buy 18 bags of chicken nuggets in one shot at the grocery store because it’s pretty much the only thing your kid will eat and the Cashier looks at you like your crazy.” – @stina88j 

“When you can’t leave the house without your child’s tablet or when you panic when their tablet dies while your out and about with them… Or when your fridge is filled with nothing but chicken nuggets and pizza…” – @roszlynn

“When you can’t answer your cell because your child is watching a video.👍💖🌹🎬🔋📲📱” – @nyy27tlm15

“When there is no such thing of sleeping in. Sun is up, we are up!” – @natuh_lee

“When your child’s therapist are your friends now.” – @christyb1028

“You wouldn’t change your child for the world, but need the world to change for all of our children!” – @lorilei64

“When your purse is filled with back up chargers for the iPad 📱🔋🔋🔋🔋” – @aliciad33

“When taking your child to therapy is like your second job!” – @iamjennpittman

“When you’re willing to do everything and anything possible to make sure your child strives and enjoys life regardless of their limitations.” – @iamjennpittman

“You understand a different language that isn’t spoken and definitely isn’t English.” – @megsolomon83

“When You have a spare tablet and charger at all times… when you make hand cut French fries everyday… when you panic at bedtime because you forgot to give your baby green veggies… when you’re overwhelmed with pain because you know your child is frustrated with herself because the progress is too slow… when you’re overwhelmed with joy because your child is proud of her accomplishments and smiles that incredible smile… I could keep going, but I’ll stop there. ❤️💛💚💙💜” – @khatt512

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