Going on the job hunt can be quite a long and tedious task. For adults on the autism spectrum, finding employment can be very challenging as well because they may be at a social, motor and emotional disadvantage because of their condition. A coffee stand in a Phoenix library called Beneficial Beans dedicates their time to help adults on the autism spectrum with employment skills.

“They’re with us as an intern for 10 to 12 weeks and then they transition out, and they get competitive employment in the community” says Katie Theone who is the social enterprise director of the SouthWest Autism Research and Resource Center according to an azfamily.com article. This is true because this time interning builds the adults into who would be confident individuals heading into the work force who are ready to compete for many positions of employment.

According to the National Longitudinal Study-2 two-thirds of people with autism in their early twenties were unemployed. A great benefit of people on the autism spectrum being employed is that it can cut the cost of care which tallies up to $1.4 million dollars according to Autism Speaks. Being able to have a job of their own and being able to be financially independent is a great help to their caretakers. It would be  less of a financial burden on everyone

The Phoenix City Librarian Rita Hamiliton conveys, “We’re doing a great service to the community and certainly a service for the autistic individuals in the community who are getting job skills, and we love being able to do (it).”  Customer service, time management and team building are skills that interns learn through their time working on this internship. Overcoming obstacles is a vital skill that is also learned according to Mandy Tomaselo who is a manager at the internship. An intern will take all of these essentials skills and will find them applicable to the workforce in the community and employment should never be far away.

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