A heartbreaking story depicting mistreatment of a child with autism came out of Ohio this week. KCRA 3 News reported the incident which a 7 year old boy with autism was first carried by his hands and feet and then held by his feet while his cheek dragged along the hallway floor. The video shows a horrible scene shining a light on two kindergarten teachers manhandling Corbin Kemle, the kindergarten student who was the victim of the incident. Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum reported that the teachers acted this way after Kemle started biting and kicking them on the playground. The incident occurred on May 8th but last week, after a prosecutor advised against pressing charges, Kemle’s mother, Bonnie McKean, shared the video on Facebook.

The incident is obviously incredibly troubling for McKean who sees this behavior as “inexcusable” and doesn’t think that the administrative leave, disciplinary hearings, and conduct reviews by state education officials are sufficient punishment for the way that these instructors treated her son. McKean believed she equipped the school with ways to deal with her son’s behavior and methods for calming him down.

Photo from Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum

A reporter from KCRA 3 asked McKean what went through her mind as she watched the video of the incident to which McKean replied, “Shock. I just couldn’t catch my breath. My heart broke and I was mad. I was mad because  trusted these people. I trusted them with him all school year. I trusted them not to hurt my child.” This break in trust was the most traumatizing part of the experience for McKean who explained, “I may never trust that again.” I am sure that any parent of a child with special needs understands the earth shattering effect that this incident has on a school experience.

If you would like to voice your opinions or concerns about this video or story check out the video on Bonnie McKean’s Facebook here

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