Advocacy is a huge part of what the American Autism Association does. We believe that every individual and family affected by autism has the right to the information and resources they need. Advocacy doesn’t stop with us, however, and you, our community, are what will help make the change this world needs. Below you tell us: you are an advocate because…

“I cannot be anything else! Life with my daughter wouldn’t be the same! I advocate on her behalf, to help the world see just how beautiful it really is… not how we have perceived it through our limited understanding. These babies are gifted and their voice is what will spark the change for ‘tomorrow’. 🏁💙” 📘 – @theemandylous

“I’m going to change the world for my son, not change my son for the world 🧩”. – @built4_success87

“He is my world 🌎 ❤️✊🏻” – @rrcaulder05

“Because I’m autistic and lots of people I know are autistic.” [email protected]multifandom_fangirl_trash

“Because there should be less judgment and more understanding.” – @missmaddidoll

“Being misunderstood shouldn’t mean mistreatment” – @kekekeeks_

“Because EVERYONE is able. ❤️” – @dropthe_mic517

“Because I’m a person who’s high-functioning with autism. My family and friends are one of my anchors that have and continue to help me through my struggles, and have been patient with me ever since.” – @kaleb_king_88

“ALL human beings deserve love , acceptance, and others willing to fight for and with them to ensure they receive respect and are treated like the beautiful humans they are. 💙💙” – @ta2barbee

Thank you to everyone who shared with us, and thank you for your dedication to bettering our community.

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