There are myriad reasons why people are passionate about autism advocacy. We asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook why they advocate for autism. Whether it be for a loved one or passion for the cause itself – taking action as an advocate is what helps drive our community. See what their stories are:


“I am autistic.” –@parker.tamsin

“Because my son has autism. I hope that advocacy will help create a better world for him and make people more understanding and aware.” –@Its_ah_feeah

“I want my son to be able to live a full life, without being seen as “less than”… All people deserve to be appreciated for their ability, regardless of any disability 💙”  –@mrs.lugo

“Self-advocate. It’s not even about awareness anymore. People know what autism is. It’s about acceptance and who we are as people.” –@Peytonjustine

“The unemployment rate is between 70-80 %. This is not acceptable. This matters.” –@Jennpolite

“Because I’m sick of hearing that my son has to try to change for the world he has to live in, it’s time for the world to start changing for him! We need more acceptance!” –@Stina88j

“Because I love my son more than myself” –@Luisikidsmom84

“Someone I love is autistic!” –@norahliteevents

“I don’t want other people to go through what we went through. ❤” –@Sburger23

“My son is my world.” –@Zebedee_zane

“My daughter is on the spectrum, she is my world 🌎 ! I will advocate, protect and love her always!” –@Hawirican

“Because every child deserves the best and no parent should ever be told they should have gotten rid of their child like someone once told me. And for my non-verbal child, I’m his voice fighting for him against any prejudices or discrimination.” –@Kairetu3

“I advocate because, when my daughter was diagnosed, I was all alone and I didn’t have a clue how to navigate through the lingo or my new world. I learned to be an advocate for my daughter and through social media I have connected with so many other parents. I now have decided to help advocate for others. The world needs more autism awareness, more education. I’m happy to help push the agenda.” –@iamsheena_e

“Because my son deserves better!” – @Veterannursefitness

“Because one day my son will be an autistic adult and I hate the way autistic adults are railroaded now, so, hopefully, I can make a change in 12 years!” –@Lynx.misfit.worldwide

“I advocate for autism awareness because awareness leads to understanding and understanding leads to empathy. More empathy leads to more patience. With more patience comes greater opportunities for communication and connection. #autismawareness.” –@Sarah__barnard

“I’m on the spectrum myself and also have autistic friends. The situation with understanding autism in Russia is bad, so I’m trying to make it at least a little bit better.”Regina Winter

“I am a retired educator and I am certain that the awareness of autism needs to reach everyone so that they may have a higher level of understanding and respect. I do this in honor of my grandson Zachary and my niece Ava who are each on the spectrum.” Maureen Brown


Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their stories. To help the American Autism Association in making a difference in our community, learn how you can take action here.

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