Andy Milsten, a sophomore in high school in Manchester, United Kingdom, finds solace and comfort in music. “When I’m playing the piano, there are fireworks going off in my head, chills down my spine,” the Central York High School sophomore states to The York Daily Record.

Andy is so exceptional at playing piano that he can even play with his eyes closed and never miss a key. His father, Craig Milsten, told The York Daily Record :

“When Andy was a little baby, he was developmentally behind on everything,” Craig states. However, by 18 months he knew all the letters of the alphabet and by “two years old he could sight-read 100 words.” By the age of 3 “he could read back to you,” but the words had no meaning to him. Diagnosed with autism, Craig and his wife, Amy, were advised to get Andy “therapy as soon as possible.” He received “very intensive therapy around his sensory and speech issues.”

Music has opened up Milsten as a person. He is now freer than ever and so much more confident. Milsten is now very verbal and admits “I could talk all day” about his music and his future. He is also emphatic about that future. He “hopes to attend the Curtis Institute of Music to study conducting,” he stated to The York Daily Record.

Milsten hopes to become a world renowned conductor one day and perform with the New York Phillarmonic.

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